We know you may have some initial questions, here are the ones we answer most often, hope it helps! 

Q. How many shirts do I need to order? Do you have minimums?  Maximums?

We have a minimum of 12 pieces, we are happy to print small runs for you. However, we have the same screen and set up charge for printing one shirt as we do for an order of 100. So if you have the need for a few additional shirts it is much more cost effective on your end.

Primarily because we are small, orders of over 500 may need additional time accommodations which we would alert you to in advance. 

Q. Do you have a price list? 

Due to the very unique nature of every order pricing can vary greatly. Cost is dependent on the size of the order, the type of apparel or material we are printing on, the type of ink used and how many colors and locations the design is. We are happy to provide a free cost estimate for your specific job. We always provide a proof to verify accuracy before printing. 

Q. What type of inks do you use? 

We only use the good stuff; phthalate-free Wilflex Epic series and Matsui Eco series water based inks.

Q. What other types of material can you print on besides fabric? 

We can print on a variety of surfaces including most wood, metal and plastic. If the surface is flat there is a good chance we can print on it.  

Q. How many colors can you print within one design? 

We can print up to six colors per design…get those creative juices going! 


We are happy to answer any other inquiries, please contact us directly via our Inquiry Form.